In cooperation with Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH,, SAREL Consult GmbH offers training courses explaining the safety process in the aviation industry. The contents of the training courses are based on SAE ARP4761, enhanced with examples and practical exercises.

Trainings Modules:

  • Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA)
  • Preliminary System Safety Assessment (PSSA)
  • System Safety Assessment (SSA)
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Failure Mode and Effect Summary (FMES)
  • Fehlerbaum / Reliability Block Diagram
  • Operational Reliability of Aircraft/Cabin Systems
  • Common Cause Analysis (CCA)

- Common Mode Analysis (CMA)
- Particular Risk Analysis (PRA)
- Zonal Safety Analysis (ZSA)

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We are pleased to adapt the training modules on customer needs of different industrial sectors. Within our Reliability, Maintainability und Safety competence center we offer further RAMS Trainings. Please contact us under .