1. Systems Safety during System-Development Process
Safety and reliability requirements play a major role in systems development and systems architecture. Neglecting safety requirements can result in costly design changes in the late phases of the product life cycle. We provide support for the integration and optimization of functional safety management, as well as the compliance demonstration of your system development process.

2. Requirement Engineering / Systems Engineering
The definition, validation and verification of requirements is the foundation for improving business competitiveness through target-oriented product development. We help you establish the requirements based on customer needs on system and component level, internally as well as with your suppliers.

3. Aeronautical Certification Support
Assessment of design concepts regarding the certification aspects, and in particular for new technologies. We can assist you in clarifying the compliance demonstration with applicable certification rules. As part of this process we can provide support for the development of design solutions and especially in-service events.

4. In-Service Incident Management
In order to ensure efficient and timely response following an in-service incident the correct processes and procedures need to be in place. Therefore as part of our services we can assist in the in the development of these processes and procedures and in addition provide both risk assessment and presentation of the analysis to the authorities in the event of in-service incidents.

1. Systems Safety during System-Development Process
Ensuring product safety is in every company’s interests so as to prevent any damage to the reputation and competitiveness of the company. In industries where legal regulations are enforced, product safety has an even higher priority and compliance to the rules must be guaranteed. The resulting safety requirements have significant impact on the development of safety critical systems. For efficient application of the rules, the safety process must be integrated into the development process. Early implementation of safety expertise is essential to ensure that certification is demonstrated and to avoid costly design changes in the late phase of the product development. Therefore, we focus on supporting you during the integration and the optimization of functional safety management and compliance demonstration in your system development process. Our consulting services consider the entire life cycle of your products.

Safety Process in the System-Development Process – Aviation & Automotive

Our Services

a. Analysis of development processes und optimization.
b. Integration of safety expertise in your system development according to the following standards:
1. Aviation: SAE ARP 4761, SAE ARP 4754 A, RTCA DO178 B/C, RTCA DO254
2. Automotive: ISO 26262
3. Railmotive: EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129
4. Agricultural Engineering: ISO 25119
5. Medical Engineering: EIC 60601
6. Process Industry: EIC 61508, EIC 61511
c. Project management

2. Requirement Engineering / Systems Engineering
The application systems engineering supplies the necessary methods for target-oriented, efficient product development. The process starts with the definition of customer needs and the desired functionality. The success of a development project depends on the accurate and complete requirement definition in the early development phase. Incomplete requirements or late requirement changes result in re-design costs in the late development phase. This Requirement Engineering process, used in the aeronautic industry for many years, is shown in the following diagram:

Requirement validation and verification ensures that the product meets the customer needs.

Our Services

a. Implementation of Requirement Management Process and Requirement Engineering Tools.
b. Determination of requirements based on customer needs for specification on system- and component level.
c. Communication and negotiation of requirements with the suppliers.
d. Support for validation and verification of requirements.

3. Aeronautical Certification Support
SAREL Consult GmbH provides support for the certification of minor/major changes based on CS-25 Large Aeroplane and CS-23 General Aviation. With regard to certification, we focus on cabin systems, including emergency equipment and hydro-mechanical systems.

Our services
a. Assessment of certification aspects relating to new technologies.
b. Definition of certification basis and preparation of a certification plan.
c. Negotiation with authorities.
d. Certification Management.

4. In-Service Incident Management
The manufacturer / operator is liable for the safety of their products throughout the entire operating life. Despite implementing high quality standards, in-service incidents cannot be excluded. We offer you support and specific solutions in case of in-service incident to ensure your products can be efficiently operated; we also present the incident analysis results to the authorities.

Our services
a. Risk assessment of in-service incidents.
b. Assessment of impact on airworthiness.
c. Definition of corrective actions to ensure safe operation.
d. Determination of compliance time of corrective action according to EASA GM21.A.3B(d)(4).
e. Negotiation with authorities.