SAREL Consult GmbH is an independent firm, specialising in development process optimisation, safety & reliability assessment, as well as training. The safety and the reliability of our clients’ products is at the heart of our activities; this may include sensitive projects. Therefore, we are committed to working in partnership with our clients, thus building a trusting relationship, which forms the basis for their success. We support your company throughout the entire development process of complex systems, starting from risk assessment of malfunction, classification of failure consequences during the concept phase of development, to defining safety requirements for system design. We provide safety analysis according to international standards:

  • Aviation: SAE ARP 4761, SAE ARP 4754 A, RTCA DO178 B/C, RTCA DO254
  • Automotive: ISO 26262
  • Railmotive: EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129
  • Agricultural Engineering: ISO 25119
  • Medical Engineering: EIC 60601
  • Process Industry: EIC 61508, EIC 61511
Based on these assessments, we support the optimisation of system architecture to demonstrate regulatory compliance in the most efficient way. In addition to certification aspects, SAREL Consult GmbH offers support with the assessment and the optimisation of operational reliability for products, boosting the economic success of our clients.

Board of Directors
The founders and managing partners of SAREL Consult GmbH, Dr. Andreas Vahl and Dr. Uwe Wieczorek have a wide range of experience on safety and reliability engineering and consulting in the aviation industry.

Dr. Andreas Vahl developed the basis of the software tool SyRelAn ( System Reliability Analysis) during his PhD Thesis at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg and implemented the tool when engineering consulting was founded. As a system safety and reliability expert he gained experience working at Airbus. In addition to holding various management positions in Airbus Research & Technology he was appointed as the managing director of an Airbus partly owned subsidiary.

Dr. Wieczorek also received his Doctor Degree in Engineering at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg. He gained twelve years of experience as a system safety expert at Airbus and was the A350 Safety & Reliability Coordinator.